How can something so far away
Be so ingrained in my soul
That should it fade to nothing
I would find myself lost
When I howl a song to my moon
And your voices sing back,
I am home and in that time i am not alone
If I lose my way you will find me
And as distance increases
We will never be closer.

So round and true,
I find my way with you.

Your great light my only source,
We howl to you, our voices hoarse.

Hunt, eat, play, we live day to day,
until at last under you we lay.


Pages turn like leaves in the wind
Meanings, worlds and understanding
The magic man with pen in hand.

Opened up they fly you far away
New people, new feelings and new hope
Distance from the problems here.

Words fill once blank sheets
Printed, written and typed
Strung together to form eternity.

Passed from hand to hand
Given, borrowed and bought
Kept forever in your soul.

Cement that binds who we are
Our hopes, our dreams and our hearts
Never forgotten or abandoned.

The Change

The change came once again
Cells realigning, changing, limbs shaping
Body parts all there, a relief
Everything seems different
Working hard to use my new body
Hungry, want food, but taste buds have changed
No apples, no bacon, no beans
Only one solution
Fish fingers and custard for me

I hear you darling,As you fade into the

I hear you darling,

As you fade into the night

I hear you darling,

As the world turns its back.


Oh how, did you,

Come so close to the end

And still you smile

Your heart on your sleeve.


Darling, oh Darling, I hear you

As you fade away

Darling, oh darling, I hear you

I hear you fade away


Angel, spread those wings of yours

Don’t take the fall, oh darling

There’s got be another

Darling spread your golden wings

And fly away


Darling why do you stay here

Oh sweet angel go away

You deserve none of this pain

Darling why do you stay here

Take a jump and fly away


Darling, my sweet darling,

It’s time to go, please let go

Darling oh my angel

Just go

Time Lord

A lonely man walks along
Fighting thoughts of right and wrong.

Some name him Destroyer of worlds
Some name him their saviour

A timeless, lonely man will run
Far before the day is done.

Some would flee at his voice
Some would stand at his side

A face changing, timeless, lonely man
Will do what only he can

Some would say the end will come
Others take his place when it arrives

A time lord comes and leaves again
The blood on his hands an old stain.

Some call him a monster
Some call him a hero

A man with companions that come
And go, leaving for their own home.

Planets rumble when hes there
People to save and stop

A man who has to pay the cost
Even when he feels lost.