​Shadows hide where they aren’t seen

Turn blind with all the painful memories
They crush, squeeze and cover all light
And I am alone.

The sun in its cycle rises and sets
It caresses and comforts those below
Beams stretching and fighting the dark
And I am alone.

A walking storm untouched by either
A numb core of cold silent stone
Walking through the motions of normality
And I am alone.


Time for a change to happen,

But not quite yet,

Just waiting until then.


Need to get on with so many things,

But the lights are on yellow,

Green, only time brings.


So many things to wait and say,

But watching the paint dry,

Always waiting for the next day.


Ready to move on with life,

But the devils in the details,

A double-edged knife.


The floor, hard and cold,
A perfect reflection of passing peoples looks.
Their reaction something old,
All they see are money seekers, crooks.  

The night, darkening the sky,
A turning point from safe to scared.
Can’t trust the people he meets,
It may feel better if someone cared.  

The sun, hot and bright,
A missing person beaten, dead.
There are no questions if it’s right,  

When no one notices he’s gone.


How can something so far away
Be so ingrained in my soul
That should it fade to nothing
I would find myself lost
When I howl a song to my moon
And your voices sing back,
I am home and in that time i am not alone
If I lose my way you will find me
And as distance increases
We will never be closer.

So round and true,
I find my way with you.

Your great light my only source,
We howl to you, our voices hoarse.

Hunt, eat, play, we live day to day,
until at last under you we lay.


Pages turn like leaves in the wind
Meanings, worlds and understanding
The magic man with pen in hand.

Opened up they fly you far away
New people, new feelings and new hope
Distance from the problems here.

Words fill once blank sheets
Printed, written and typed
Strung together to form eternity.

Passed from hand to hand
Given, borrowed and bought
Kept forever in your soul.

Cement that binds who we are
Our hopes, our dreams and our hearts
Never forgotten or abandoned.